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The company

ProXit, founded in 1997, is a consulting company delivering services to customers using SAP solutions.

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SAP Integration

ProXit is generally considered by the SAP ecosystem as an expert in the area of SAP technical integration & architecture.

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ProXit delivers services in the area of consulting, integration and support for SAP customers or other SAP partners.

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SAP partner

ProXit works together with SAP since its foundation and is proud to be an official partner as SAP Services Partner.

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The company

ProXit, founded in 1997, is a consulting company delivering services to customers using SAP solutions.

The increasing demand for specialized technical skills required by the SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA architectures, the technical platforms on which all SAP products are based, can only be fulfilled by specialized consultants with many years of experience. This is particularly true when considering both application development and technical integration of SAP solutions.

The services

ProXit’s know–how covers not only the proven ABAP technology but also the newest SAP development frameworks like SAP Fiori, SAP Personas and SAP UI5. Besides classic and Web application development, ProXit can provide expertise in several areas of integration by using the most actual SAP technological products:

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • SAP HANA In-Memory-Technology
  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • Open Source development frameworks based on JAVA, Python and PHP and integrated into SAP through standard SAP connectivity

However, the main reputation of ProXit has always been its very deep know–how in the technical integration of all SAP products into the customers IT landscape. ProXit can help its customers in deploying SAP components in different environments using any combination of hardware and software technologies. ProXit is specialized in migrating SAP systems from any architecture, operating system or database to any new platform, being of course SAP HANA the most challenging migration scenario for the next couple of years.

At last it should not be forgotten that SAP software has to be maintained. Both the SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA architectures have very strict change management rules that require a continuous patching and upgrading of all software components. ProXit can provide the necessary expertise in customer’s migration and upgrade projects.


SAP offers a huge portfolio of solutions and consequently it is almost impossible for a single company to be expert in all areas of competence. In this respect ProXit has clearly established its position in the SAP ecosystem as a technical integration partner. Nevertheless ProXit’s philosophy is to collaborate with other Swiss companies to be able to deliver complementary services and therefore assuring a comprehensive offer to their common customers.

However, the partnership between ProXit and SAP is the most important. This collaboration has its roots since ProXit’s foundation and we are proud to be an official SAP Services Partner. This year ProXit has specially invested in the training of its staff in the area of SAP HANA according to SAP’s product strategy. In addition, through the installation of a certified platform, ProXit has acquired the necessary skills and competences in the technical area of SAP HANA. ProXit is proud to have four SAP Certified SAP HANA Technology Associates (C_HANATEC Edition 2015) and three SAP Certified SAP HANA Installation Specialists (C_HANAINS Edition 2015).